Moving On: My Time at Arachnys

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Charles Talibard
Charles Talibard

Back in 2019, I decided to leave 'big banking' behind me and joined Arachnys, a small but ambitious company making waves in the know your customer (KYC) space. It was a wild ride from the get-go. The team was talented, but we were also dealing with the fallout from some questionable decisions made before our time.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work, patching up the old and dreaming up something new. We wanted a platform that didn't just fix problems but did it in a way that turned heads. And you know what? We did it. Our efforts paid off when AML RightSource swooped in and snapped us up.

My stint at Arachnys has been a blast. I've loved every minute of it. But hey, all good things must end. It's time to get all my ducks (or geese?) in a line, turn the page and see what the next adventure holds.