Apple Removed Dominate from the AppStore

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Charles Talibard
Charles Talibard

Apple decided to remove Dominate from the AppStore. Apparently if you don't update an app that has no need to be updated, they decide to remove it.

Sure, I can reinstate it by sending a new build that adds zero features and addresses zero bugs. However, I'm halfway through a re-write of the way the board is rendered to address bugs in Apple's own constraint system. Right now the build is broken, and I needed to focus on other things.

I make no money at all from Dominate. No ads, no tracking, no subscriptions. Also,I am really not that happy with Apple's current attitude to third-party developers.

Dominate for Web

Therefore, my plan is to make my great little puzzle available for all platforms. As and when I have time, my focus will be on converting Dominate to a fully open source web-based game.