Wonderful opportunity to get out on the balcony at work tonight. It was the only decent weather all week, which was lucky.

Check out the whole set on Flickr.

Project 365 – July Choices – a set on Flickr

A little late, but here’s July’s Project 365 photos.

Project 365 - June Choices - a set on Flickr

Project 365—June

There were a few days in June where I only took a couple of shots, wasn’t really happy with any of them, but didn’t care. I want to start taking more video. That’s what my GH3 was really designed for. I might end up stopping this project to focus my limited free time on that.

Anyway, here’s a link to June’s chosen photos.

Project 365 - May Choices

A once-a-week summary of my Project 365 efforts was also proving to be too much. Here’s May 

Greenwich Timelapse

My first ever attempt at time-lapse photography

Swingle Singers—After The Storm

As close to perfection as it gets. Just marvellous.

Now, how to get the audio on my iPhone…